What the Wii?!

October 15, 2009 at 8:07 pm (Gaming) (, , , , , )

Project Runway is turning into a Wii game?

I clearly disapprove and have defined Nintendo’s move to include this game into the Wii’s already weak gaming arsenal as another nail in the coffin. This definitely a ploy to attract the female audience to start gaming though I do not see how a game about fashion will eventually become something worthy of attracting girls into gaming regularly and going into other notable titles that are definitely worth their time. Titles such as Bioshock, Infamous, the all important Halo series and Gears of War; all three games satisfying masculinity. But there is nothing like, speaking from experience, scaring the crap out of your feminine self with a Big Daddy or roaring out a string of profanity as your armoured body lies dead in the middle of an Arbitor invasion.

Either way the news of this release makes me further dislike the Wii, the experimental console that it is, and pout disapprovingly at one of my favorite shows: Project Runway. How they are going to be able to pull this game off without it looking like the 9os version of Barbie fashion on CD-ROM is beyond me. This is ignoring the fact that girls everywhere will be learning how to strut using the Wii Balance Board Controller. I’m still interested to see what kind of rating this gets and if it is straight to the children’s section despite the show being oriented towards older youth.

Shame on you Heidi Klum.

Tim Gunn you should know better not to dress up a flop with a monetary excuse. The judges just won’t hear it.

And Nintendo…Really?


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