Why Go Gaga for Halloween?

October 16, 2009 at 7:21 am (General costuming) (, , , , , )

A/N: This will be the prelude of what is to come. AKA my dress diary for my Lady Gaga costume.

I have always been against dressing up as a celebrity for Halloween. Instead I’ve been pro-creativity even though creativity ends up with guys walking around in penis costumes or bloody pads with bloody tampon nun-chucks at its worst. [Wtfcostumes.com will show you the best and the worst of homemade creative Halloween costumes] But this year I find myself finding myself being a hypocrite.

It has been decided.

I am going to be a Lady Gaga doll with ethnicity issues.

Why Lady Gaga? Why not be Lady Gaga? Since she, originally a brunette, stepped onto the scene she has been shocking the world with her fashion sense that is both futuristic but twistedly retro. Some people love it and adore it while others would rather spend the night literally vomitting up their own intestines then see her walk around in stockings and leotards…AGAIN. I personally find favor in it and the range gives the person impersonating her this Halloween incredible room to move around. If you don’t know what I mean Google Image ‘Lady Gaga’ or better yet ‘Lady Gaga Fashion’ and though there are repeats the more pages you visit the more you discover.

Pool Explorer Lady Gaga from her video Poker Face

Pool Explorer Lady Gaga from her video 'Poker Face'Dominatrix Lady Gaga

Just to feature a pair. Lady Gaga is the new Barbie in the variety of outfits she wears. So why not try your hand at being her?

I mean when else can you walk in public without pants?


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