Going a Little Paper Crazy

February 22, 2010 at 9:21 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve found that I’m really beginning to like the format of paper tutorials. It goes a lot quicker than if I were to actually make the thing itself and take pictures as I go along.So without further ado I introduce a tutorial that I thought up in the middle of the night: How to make a Mattress Sheet Pad. For lack of better words that’s what it is. It was made to solve the problem of shifting mattress pads. It’s a real problem when it comes to the sleeping patterns of sober college kids everywhere because we all know that a drunk college kid doesn’t really care if their mattress pad is folded in half under their sheet. Then again they really don’t care about the discomfort level of their plastic encased twin sized mattress.  

fmps1.jpg fmps1 picture by ForbiddenRose15

Slide 1

fmps2.jpg fmps2 picture by ForbiddenRose15

Slide 2

fmps3.jpg fmps3 picture by ForbiddenRose15

Slide 3

fmps4.jpg fmps4 picture by ForbiddenRose15

Slide 4

fmps5.jpg fmps5 picture by ForbiddenRose15

Slide 5

 Plus a mini tutorial on how to make a batting pad if you desire more cushion or don’t want buy/fuss with a foam mattress pad.

bps1.jpg bps1 picture by ForbiddenRose15

Slide 1

bps2.jpg bps2 picture by ForbiddenRose15

Slide 2


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A Random Petticoat Tutorial

February 22, 2010 at 6:13 am (Dress Diaries, General costuming, Tutorials) (, , , , , , )

Between sorting out financial issues and assisting with the quickly upcoming production of RENT I hardly have time to work on my corset which is rather sad because i carry it around with me just in case I have a bit of downtime. No such luck since I’m in the boning or, in this case, cording stage.

My need to be creative caused me to start a paper tutorial in the small amount of downtime I had one evening. It was inspired by a Youtube tutorial by Himehood:

I was inspired because you know ruffles always make me think of petticoats. And as darling as they are they are a pain in the butt to make, especially if you like the layered and tiered look. I have to give my special thanks to Julie who taught me how to ruffle, or rather gather, fabric using cord and zigzag stitch on the machine. So without further ado this is my very simple petticoat with variations already thought up for you. Enjoy! ^.^

Petticoatslide1.jpg pts1 picture by ForbiddenRose15

Slide 1

petticoatslide2.jpg pts2 picture by ForbiddenRose15

Slide 2

Petticoatslide3.jpg pts3 picture by ForbiddenRose15

Slide 3

Petticoatslide4.jpg pts4 picture by ForbiddenRose15

Slide 4

Petticoatslide5.jpg pts5 picture by ForbiddenRose15

Slide 5

petticoatslide6.jpg pts6 picture by ForbiddenRose15

Slide 6 - Variations

Note: You’re probably why I’m so obsessed with the amount of warmth in this petticoat. It’s just the fact that I live up North and I have this thing about wearing shortish skirts during the winter. And just incase the nerves in my legs decide to detect cold again I don’t want my petticoat to be counterproductive. Same thing in the summer. It would be a tragedy to get stuck in a warm-as-all-get-out petticoat during July. So you might as well make two! ^.^

I know you want to!

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Angelina Makes an Appearance in Haiti

February 10, 2010 at 4:37 pm (Uncategorized)

Angelina Jolie finally makes an appearance in Haiti to experience the real plight of the earthquake victims. Once she set eyes on the poor Haitian children she adopts all of them and gives Haiti enough money from the adoption fees that they can build a new hospital, government building, feed the hungry and educate the brain thirsty for the next three years.

See the whole story on MSNBC brought to you by Bing! [Oh the search engine amazingness]:


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Gaga strikes again

February 8, 2010 at 7:33 pm (General costuming) (, , , , , , )

There’s a problem with this picture. No, it’s not the fact that this is the second blog that I’ve posted today within a four hour period. The problem is the fact that I try to do so much within a small period of time or rather all at once. I can’t seem to keep my mind from all the creative ventures I want to make or rather need to make right this second. Especially if I have the skills to do so.

My latest small and hopefully quick projects are inspired by who else but the Lady Gaga herself:

Introducing my spin on the disco bra and the hair bow that, believe it or not, was around even before Gaga popped up onto the pop music scene.

The fact of the matter is that I was actually inspired by this yarn fall tutorial I found while perusing the ultimate guide to fake hair: http://www.angrycaninelovestick.org/. I was thinking about making actual falls using the technique but thought it might be cuter/ simpler if I made a bow.


The instructions are self-explanatory and the pictures really help. Most would use this technique on their real hair since it’s a lot cheaper than buying loose hair and spending hours backcombing for dreads. Besides my school book store sells loose hair by the packet for about $1 and I have some yarn I bought up in New York for $1 that I found out I couldn’t crochet [I left my knitting needles back home]. It’s what I get for being in a serious amigurumi phase.

I was ecstatic to know that on Facebook, because nothing is truly official until it’s on FB, there was an event: National Lady Gaga Day. You could only imagine the monster fit I found myself in. However due to homework and the last minute finding out I wasn’t able to pull together an outfit. The main facet however was the shiny disco bra. In my fabric stash I found these sparkly lame fabric: a silvery one with round sparkles, black with diamond shaped sparkles, stretchy lime green with small round sparkles. I couldn’t decide which so I found two bras that have lost their appeal and are a bit too small [damn you freshman 15!] I’m pretty sure I’m going to extended the side straps with elastic and use foam to reshape the cups of the black and pink brassiere.

Both projects will be handsewn.

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A New Costume endeavor

February 8, 2010 at 6:25 pm (Dress Diaries, General costuming) (, , , , , )

 It starts with my infatuation over this:  

Silk stays of deliciousness

 The most gorgeous stays I have ever seen in my entire life. They are pink silk stays from the 17th century belonging to  the V&A museum in London. Upon seeing them I was instantly overwhelmed by the sewing feat that it would be so I figured that I would do something like it just to get my feet wet in the world of fully boned two-laced stays. Below is the process thus far. [Warning: Picture heavy. I like taking pictures. Especially now that I have a boyfriend who lets me get my sticky fingers all over his stuff including his camera. Oh and the winter sunlight on my windowsill is gorgeous too.]       

The pattern on the large piece of taped together white paper was derived from the brown tissue pattern on the right. It was a bodice pattern from Simplicity’s Renaissance collection; #4488. I traced the pattern of my size [no telling here] in a marker that bleeds a lot onto printer paper and then modified it using scissors, tape, and highlighters. I can’t explain exactly how I did it but it was a lot of cutting, taping and adjusting with a ruler. The shape I was going off of was this pattern I found online at marquise.de:  

Then I got a little highlighter crazy. Here are some detail shots [click for larger views]:


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