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March 17, 2010 at 3:59 am (Hair, Updates) (, , , , , , , , , , )

Corset update: Postponed for now. I’ll continue when I find the time and the fabric stiffener I so desire. The reason? I think the corset would benefit from stiffened yarn, especially now that I realize that the blue yarn is rather tangled and old and coming out of it’s twist. That and the corset will be firmer and tuck in all my extra ‘bum rolls’ and ‘tiger stripes’.

Disco Bra update: I put in the elastic so that it reaches around me a lot better. I’m actually thinking of cutting away the side strapes and using really wide elastic I got from the shop and making it a snap on. But other than that I covered the cups of the blue bra with the shiny green fabric. I’m going to sew along the edges extra tight to secure it on. I did the blue bra first because it doesn’t need a lot of work to be done on it like the black and pink, which needed a piece of foam to extend the cup upwards.

Hairbow update: Pictures coming soon as well as it’s completion. 

[With a pending cash flow these projects will be completed, especially since the boyfriend and best friend are going away for a retreat this weekend and I’ll be able to get my butt to walmart without a problem. Oh the benefits of being left alone on campus for a weekend.]

Now for the featured presentation:

I’ve been dying to do something with my hair. Something crazy and relatively amazing. The most extreme I’ve gotten was putting in temporary hair falls in for Otakon 2008. I cut my bangs last semester, which reminds me that I need to trim them, and I’ve been perming it straight ever 3 to 6 weeks since I was 16. So I’m returning to my crazy roots and going with a mix of alternative hair styles. Aka my head will be full of loose hair extentions, synthetic dreads, beads, and possibly even some yarn falls. I started planning this a week or so ago over spring break when I showed a picture of Motoko, or ‘Major’, from the anime ‘Ghost in the Shell’ to my boyfriend. I told him I always wanted her hair and he asked ‘why not?’.  So instead of sitting here and trying to explain through words I’m just going to let you see my inspirations.


And all the lovely pictures at

P.S. Don’t get mad but I took apart my wig…O.O


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