Hair Progress

March 19, 2010 at 4:56 pm (Hair, Updates)

Well just a little. But doing my bangs is better than nothing right? I used some hair glue and glued in two tracks to make them look more full.


[P.S. It was a real bitch to trim them for the first time since last semester.]

On another note I tried to make dreads yesterday using my curling iron. At first it worked all right, I could look past the section lines that were pressed into it. I did two backcombed and two silky and even tried my hand dreading yarn like gothdolly [youtube.] But that same day I noticed that they were beginning to unravel aka not enough heat. Here are the results one day later:

They look dreadful [no pun intended] The crimp lines are unmistakable and they’re the bad sort of fluffy. The yarn is loose no matter how tight it looks ontop. So curling iron is out and I’ll have to wait until I get some cash to buy a relatively inexpensive straightener. Either that or [cringe] try to boil them with my coffeepot.

Onto note #3 I’ve started another barette project made out of yarn, felt, and a cardboard base:

I love this yarn to death. It’s really soft and cozy, so much so I wish I had a blanket made out of it or at least a stuffed animal. I tried to crochet it but I dont’ have the expertise to find the loops and get past simply chainging it like I’ve done in the picture. But besides the two barettes in progress I made another yarn creation about two days ago out of yellow baby yarn and some vintage scrap fabric that I should have hemmed before I pleated. No worries though, it still looks cute.



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  1. Douja said,

    Ohh cant wait to see it complete.. kind of cool seeing it in progress

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