Barettes galore

March 22, 2010 at 1:51 am (Hair, Updates) (, , , , , , , )

Well only two barettes but I’ve noticed that they’ve become my latest late night obsession. Mainly because their small, easy, quick and fun to work on unlike any of my other projects that have either been postponed, paused, halted, or given up on all together. That, and I enjoy working with fuzzy yarn and shower curtain plastic…it sorta inspires me in weird ways.

But without any further rambling I now present to you a nearly completed work and works in progress:


Yet another barette that needs a backing. I’m thinking I’m going to have to go to walmart and get a buttload of barette backings. I decided at the last moment that I wanted a bow or a flower…since I realized at the last moment that I can’t stick my needle through the thick cardboard. So a flower, which then turned into a felt bow became the answer. It’s much cuter in reality/sunlight. I hoped the colours would be more marble and mixed but ah well, I like it.


These were going to be bandaids but I like their mod-ness. It’s made out of white felt and clear shower curtain that was left over from RENT’s Angel’s costume with white round handstitching. They aren’t as big as the previous barette but they are 3/4’s of the size so they’re wonderfully chunky. Still not done though. I’ll think of something more to stick on them or stitch into them.

I decided I would make a kandi cuff this weekend out of red, yellow, orange, and yellow pony beads. It was a demonstration on how pony bead bracelets are soo much more than kid crafts. If we’re talking kid kids not kandi kids. Oh and that is not an upside down heart on the inside of my forearm, it’s a fat Star Trek communicator. I also did henna this weekend during a church retreat so it would have been kind of inappropriate to put it where it was supposed to go.

More later!


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