Mini Update #4

May 31, 2010 at 7:49 am (Dress Diaries, General costuming, Hair, Updates)

It’s past 3 am now and I’ve only just gotten around to posting this up.

No, I wasn’t -that- busy. It just slipped my mind and as soon as I remember 4 people IMed me at once and made me forget about it again. Well not this time. No boyfriend of mine is going to keep me from posting this even though I will probably click on his name glowing orange in my task bar some time during this post.

But I went on a shopping trip with my mother, surprising isn’t it, to the thrift store. It was packed, seeing as though the last saturday of the month is ‘half off clothing and linens’ day. We began talking and in the end we both walked away with some great stuff and I practically got free clothes, mainly skirts. I stumbled upon a treasure trove of framed corset adds from 1899 to the mid 1920s. Of course being the corset freak, which is also surprising because I’m thinking of scraping the corset idea for ‘raving mudkip’, I couldn’t chose between which one. I wanted all of them but settled on a W.B. Corset ad from 1899 or so I’m guessing by the style and construction. It wasn’t behind glass like the others so it was $1.50 as is unlike $3 for the others. I’m hoping to go to Michaels and find an appropriate frame for it.


But onto the cosplay! At the same thrift store I managed to find myself this blanket that was a pretty shade of blue as well as a men’s shirt that is a lightish blue with orange stripes as part of a plaid pattern. The coours are really off cut they look cute and when it comes down to it, this is mudkip on a budget. I’ve already splurged enough on the wool that made these dreads:

Some curls are kind of droopy so I think I’m going to go ahead and felt the crap out of them until I can find the perfect setting on my washing mashine like DreadStarMonster advised. I’m probably going to dye some of the chunkier dreads and put them in the mix for a good mesh of visual textures.

Also at the thrift store I found this fuzzy blanket that instantly reminded me of a failed attempt at gators in 2008 at my first Otakon. So since it was half off linens I got the blanket for about $2. I’ve grown kind of attached to it so I don’t know if I’ll actually lop it up into a pair of gators just yet.

From right to left: blue sheet [twin size – to be used for the skirt], button down shirt that may or may not be shredded [it’s cute as a completely logical reason], furry blanket that has a velvety underside to it making it really thick and cozy.

So many shades…almost makes me want to rethink the design so it’s not so cluttered and ‘blue-clashy’…if you know what I mean.


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Mini Update #3

May 25, 2010 at 7:07 pm (Uncategorized)

I decided on the crochet panels mainly to save myself some money on buying material for a skirt. I realize that with a circle skirt it might not matter anyway because I’ll just end up with a super full whole skirt anyway. But it was also made so that if I was talking on the phone or in a room with other people I could just crochet instead of bring out the hardcore sewing/wool dread palm-rolling.

I found a flower tutorial on youtube and with it I’ve made about 21 or so flowers. Given the flowers in the picture there are only 14.


Some are a little special. The reason why some of them have different yarns in them is because I had four yarns and cut four armspan lengths of them, tied them together, rolled them into a ball and started to crochet them. It looks interesting even though some are a little special because of the varying yarn plys/widths.

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Mini update #2

May 25, 2010 at 6:55 pm (Uncategorized)

My wool batting from West Earl Woolen mill came in last Thursday, not even a day – hour wise- after I had ordered it. I ordered two pounds and it’s like a mountain on top of my desk. Since then I’ve rolled it up and let it sit while I worked on the two smaller piles that were tucked away inside. So far those two small piles have given me five felt balls, made using the tutorial on youtube, three long and skinny test dreads, and about 9 very thick wool dreads. I’m just about 3/4 of the way through the second small pile.


 Second test dread. The picture of the first has gone missing, even though I dyed it blue already,  and there isn’t a picture of the third, which was made out of the dyed wool and unsuccessfully used as a core for another layer to make it thicker. I think it’s a method best left to roving.

This picture of the felt balls were taken before I made two more that were about the size of the two larger balls. The smaller one was made by my insistent sister.

The right colour of turquoise. Wool dyed with Koolaid: 1/2 Ice Blue Raspberry Koolaid & 1/2 Berry Blue [Singles to go]

Four bundles of two marker thick wool dreads, double enders of course. I tied them to keep the ‘legs’ close together since the bends were thick and felted really tight. In the end I thought the red ties were cute so I’ve left them like that ever since.

I’m starting to doubt the thickness of them. I think they are divine thick but when it comes to actually putting them in my hair, I think the coverage might be a bit scarce. So I’m thinking about making a series of thinner, longer ones and putting them towards the back so my undercut won’t show as much. I’m starting to think that maybe a blue party wig might have been a better plan. But a wig may no longer be in my budget.

Also on the debate table: a fringe made from very thin wool dreads instead of loose hair?

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Mini update(s)

May 23, 2010 at 6:18 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

I figure that overwhelming you with what I’ve been doing lately would be very cruel and oh so unusual. So periodically throughout the day, or rather sitting here and adding more and more posts one after the other, I’m going to be updating my blog like a monkey on crack. There’s just so much to be done.

Update #1: Finally a sketch makes an appearance

Between fighting the tension beginning to build in my house and dealing with a naturally hyperactive five year old, I’m starting to believe she’s made out of truvia leaves, I got down to business sketching things out.

I know the lines of tape are obnoxious and more visible then I would like to see them but just ignore them. Also ignore the fact that I am not an artist and my Project runway sketches would not be fierce.

Things pictured:

1. The modification of the original sketch, changing the blouse top to something ‘wench-like’.

2. The skirt is less pleated but the same fullness due to the petticoat beneath it. The skirt is still a circle skirt for the sake of pleats and gathers. It will be built into the top.

3.  I’ve fallen in love with the large shoulder ruffles so they’ve stayed as part of the straps.

4. The possible inclusion of fingerless glove armwarmer type things that sport the shape of mudkip’s tail at the bottom back.

5. The apron is still the same round ruffle-y thing with a large bow in the back.

Things not shown:

1. I’m still toying with the idea of adding spats to match the armwarmer gloves. It would complete the outfit, sort of like a CardCaptor Sakura outfit.

2. The tail. It will be plush so it stands out. [I have too much polyfiberfill laying around here for it not to.] 

3. The headband that is bright orange and will have all sorts of embellishments on it.

4. Last but not least, the inclusion of crochet flower panels. It’ll add girl-y-ness and save me some money on fabric. I can’t tell you how much blue yarn has just been lying around the place.

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Confessions of a Nightowl

May 20, 2010 at 8:16 am (Uncategorized)

I am addicted to sleep.

Me, a night owl – someone who stays up to all the ungodly hours in the morning, has a serious intimate relationship with sleep.

I’m not quite sure what it is. Maybe it’s the way it satisfies that drowsy feeling. Or maybe it’s the way I sleep and imagining that if I were really standing this way I would scrape my forehead on the floor amongst other things.

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‘Reach’ing for a Dreaded Candy Mudkip

May 12, 2010 at 3:24 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

This blog has taken the longest time to start. Mainly because I’ve been mesmerized by the three squirrels running around each other on a certain spot on a tree in my backyard. I should really get to business since this post could get quite long. Thankfully there is enough Kylie Minogue songs on youtube to keep me in a bubbly, girly mood. To the categories I go!

Halo Reach

The latest installment of the Halo Series, Halo Reach, came out on the 3rd. If I had a 360 and money to buy it I would have preordered and stayed up for hours playing the new multiplayer with my brother and murmured ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at all the shiny weapons. I cannot wait to try out the new melee weapons and this rumored grenade launcher that shoots four sticky grenades at a time. Mmmm more intergalatic goodies to be murdered with during a good round of ‘Slayer’.

Dreads I don’t think I’ve ever been this obsessed with synthetic hair in my life. A month before spring semester was over I found the new Heavenly Hair forum,, and it’s been hair-hair-hair-hair ever since. The women on the site are so nice and brilliantly creative that I couldn’t help but feel my own creative core kick up a notch. Yes I still have a lot of projects to finish but I really need to make dreads of my own. Not want but need!

It’s gotten so bad that I’ve been inspired to type out at least twenty dread sets in Excel just to temporarily satisfy my idea factory and OCD. There are sets for every season, occasion, story character, theme, fashion genre, and even a football team [Insert shameless plug for the Baltimore Ravens here. Next season is going to be kick.ass.] It’s gotten way out of control, to the point where I look through old Pokemon cards of mine and automatically see a gijinka form complete with a set of installed dreads. >.<”

Speaking of Pokemon…

Well since I’m in Baltimore for the summer, turning down perhaps one of the best and worst and first job offers ever, I might as well save up some money and spend the $70+ on Otakon tickets as well as mangas, box sets etc. etc. in the Dealer’s Room inside. But you might ask: doesn’t attending an anime convention usually involve some sort of dressing up? Well no, not exactly. See there are plenty of people that go dressed in normal street clothes and then there are those who spend months of prep work to go as their favorite character. It’s a relatively good mix.

My costume started as realization that the turquoise hair sample [yes I was looking at hair for dreads when this happened] and the orange hair sample looked really good together. Orange…Turquoise…Mudkip! Several minutes of brainstorming and google imaging/lolita window shopping later I came up with this:

I’ve also made a bracelet already but I won’t post it until it’s a serious definite. The dreads will be a mix of solid turquoise, turquoise to orange transitionals and possibly triple transitionals: turquoise -> orange -> yellow. Nothing fancy or completely decked out in candycanes, stripes, or blends. I’m still contemplating if I want to make them out of kanekalon or wool roving which I spent the better part of the night looking up on ebay and etsy. At the moment I’m looking to just making a set of all black dreads so I can give my real hair a rest and give it a chance to grow. It’ll be all black because I’ll be starting an office job soon.

After watching a few make up tutorials on youtube i was inspired to do something a bit sweet. Introducing the beginnings of Candy Eye Makeup. Given it’s just the outline, I don’t own any bright eyeshadow colours at the moment. It’s just an idea. The coloured pencil line, made by dipping the tip into a very shallow pool of water, was really faint so I outlined it in white grease lipstick from walmart.


Jaded Candy Striper for Halloween?

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