Mini update #2

May 25, 2010 at 6:55 pm (Uncategorized)

My wool batting from West Earl Woolen mill came in last Thursday, not even a day – hour wise- after I had ordered it. I ordered two pounds and it’s like a mountain on top of my desk. Since then I’ve rolled it up and let it sit while I worked on the two smaller piles that were tucked away inside. So far those two small piles have given me five felt balls, made using the tutorial on youtube, three long and skinny test dreads, and about 9 very thick wool dreads. I’m just about 3/4 of the way through the second small pile.


 Second test dread. The picture of the first has gone missing, even though I dyed it blue already,  and there isn’t a picture of the third, which was made out of the dyed wool and unsuccessfully used as a core for another layer to make it thicker. I think it’s a method best left to roving.

This picture of the felt balls were taken before I made two more that were about the size of the two larger balls. The smaller one was made by my insistent sister.

The right colour of turquoise. Wool dyed with Koolaid: 1/2 Ice Blue Raspberry Koolaid & 1/2 Berry Blue [Singles to go]

Four bundles of two marker thick wool dreads, double enders of course. I tied them to keep the ‘legs’ close together since the bends were thick and felted really tight. In the end I thought the red ties were cute so I’ve left them like that ever since.

I’m starting to doubt the thickness of them. I think they are divine thick but when it comes to actually putting them in my hair, I think the coverage might be a bit scarce. So I’m thinking about making a series of thinner, longer ones and putting them towards the back so my undercut won’t show as much. I’m starting to think that maybe a blue party wig might have been a better plan. But a wig may no longer be in my budget.

Also on the debate table: a fringe made from very thin wool dreads instead of loose hair?


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