Mini Update #4

May 31, 2010 at 7:49 am (Dress Diaries, General costuming, Hair, Updates)

It’s past 3 am now and I’ve only just gotten around to posting this up.

No, I wasn’t -that- busy. It just slipped my mind and as soon as I remember 4 people IMed me at once and made me forget about it again. Well not this time. No boyfriend of mine is going to keep me from posting this even though I will probably click on his name glowing orange in my task bar some time during this post.

But I went on a shopping trip with my mother, surprising isn’t it, to the thrift store. It was packed, seeing as though the last saturday of the month is ‘half off clothing and linens’ day. We began talking and in the end we both walked away with some great stuff and I practically got free clothes, mainly skirts. I stumbled upon a treasure trove of framed corset adds from 1899 to the mid 1920s. Of course being the corset freak, which is also surprising because I’m thinking of scraping the corset idea for ‘raving mudkip’, I couldn’t chose between which one. I wanted all of them but settled on a W.B. Corset ad from 1899 or so I’m guessing by the style and construction. It wasn’t behind glass like the others so it was $1.50 as is unlike $3 for the others. I’m hoping to go to Michaels and find an appropriate frame for it.


But onto the cosplay! At the same thrift store I managed to find myself this blanket that was a pretty shade of blue as well as a men’s shirt that is a lightish blue with orange stripes as part of a plaid pattern. The coours are really off cut they look cute and when it comes down to it, this is mudkip on a budget. I’ve already splurged enough on the wool that made these dreads:

Some curls are kind of droopy so I think I’m going to go ahead and felt the crap out of them until I can find the perfect setting on my washing mashine like DreadStarMonster advised. I’m probably going to dye some of the chunkier dreads and put them in the mix for a good mesh of visual textures.

Also at the thrift store I found this fuzzy blanket that instantly reminded me of a failed attempt at gators in 2008 at my first Otakon. So since it was half off linens I got the blanket for about $2. I’ve grown kind of attached to it so I don’t know if I’ll actually lop it up into a pair of gators just yet.

From right to left: blue sheet [twin size – to be used for the skirt], button down shirt that may or may not be shredded [it’s cute as a completely logical reason], furry blanket that has a velvety underside to it making it really thick and cozy.

So many shades…almost makes me want to rethink the design so it’s not so cluttered and ‘blue-clashy’…if you know what I mean.


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