A Sellout Winning An Award? An Unfortunate Event @ the World Music Awards

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I usually don’t watch these things. Not the Grammys, the Oscars, the Tonies, none of them. And now I know why.

I don’t know how it happened. Well scratch that, I know exactly how it happened. They pinned a Trance DJ against a pop electro DJ against a Progressive DJ against a Progressive electro DJ and let a crowd that listens to Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, and Black Eyed Peas do the judging.

To say that I’m a little pissed and a little unhappy is an understatment.

And yes I understand that these votes may be based on CD sales and if that is true DJ Tiesto would have won hands down. DJ Tiesto was making music before David Guetta even decided he wanted to make music. He was the DJ that even got me into the electronic genre of music. According to DJ MAG for 7+ years in a row DJ Tiesto is the DJ King of the whole genre’s world. So how did one sell out win over a bigger sell out? I’m still reeling so I don’t even know.

Maybe it’s because DJ Tiesto hasn’t collaborated with the likes of Akon, Will I Am or Kelly Rowland, connections to such a bigger crowd than just electro and trance fans. But that doesn’t even explain why David Guetta won ‘Best Producer’ over Akon. Akon! The guy who produces Lady Gaga for cripe’s sake!  The woman who’s won ‘Best Pop Act’ and ‘Best Pop Rock Act’ thus far tonight over artists such as Justin Beiber, Madonna, and Ke$ha [no surprise there].

Am I alone in this? Am I the only one who mildly likes David Guetta but horridly dislikes the way that he just swept the rug away from some of the greatest ‘near mainstream’ DJs the electronic music genre has ever known?

Just because the guy on the radio doesn’t give them the right to say that he should the award, let alone TWO. Maybe he deserves it. Maybe I’m just being biased against all things pop. But get this. I love Lady Gaga. I am a little monster. I have an affinity for Madonna, the Black Eyed Peas, and Elton John. I will even admit to having listened to ‘Blah Blah Blah’ on repeat for ten minutes. All pop. So what does that say? Anyone?

I feel like the outrage is all mine. But someone has to be angered by this? Maybe even a little bit saddened that our music genre has started to get that decay like tooth enamel? Time to move on and listen to some Isaac James because this is definitely a ‘Darker Shade of White’. Or Erik Decks since my obsession is a ‘Wild Obsession’.


Next thing you know Benny Benassi will be at the World Music Awards. Or maybe the Dark Oscillators. Suck on that Hollywood Music Scene. I see you Paris Hilton!


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The Perry-Gaga conflict

June 10, 2010 at 5:25 pm (Uncategorized)

Disclaimer: My love for gaga is an undying fountain. Hence this post might be a bit biased.

You would think that in the heat of controversy over a video Katy Perry, in all her smirf hair glory, would defend fellow outrageous costumer Lady Gaga. But despite all the odds Perry has decided to put a knife between the two by twittering that ‘using blasphemy for entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke’. Personally I think fart jokes are funny.

What else is funny? The fact that Katy Perry decided to come out as Catholic and defender of religious symbols after everything is all said and done. Have we heard that Perry was ever a devout catholic or even religious for that matter? No. But what we do know is that Lady Gaga went to Catholic school for the bulk of her primary and secondary education. We also know that Ms. Gaga is the queen of abstract metaphors and that nothing is put in her videos ‘just ’cause’.

Or maybe Perry decided to jump on the Gaga-bashing wagon after she read some ‘valid’ points sent out by America’s Catholic League. [Another question to the ACL, where were they when the latex nun outfit first came out in the late 70s early 80s for porno purposes?]

All I know is that it’s a shame that Perry&Gaga fans are put in the middle of this fight. After all both stars are portraying Madonna – Perry squirting cream from her bra in the ‘California girls’ video and Gaga with a classic black cone bra – and they are both the most eccentric entertainers in Hollywood. Not to mention that they are all for the gay-community, though Katy Perry’s motives were and still are suspect. They both like sparkles, big hair, surrealist messages, and have been the subject of several controversial ‘E’ segments. But Gaga has portrayed herself as serious while Perry seems to just dance around playfully making songs that we hear only occasionally on the radio. As well as the fact that both of their videos for ‘Alejandro’ and ‘California girls’ turned out a lot different than I imagined.

I really saw ‘Alejandro’ as a hot and sexy video exploiting the romantic and sensual Tijiuana vibes. After all I swear I heard maracas in the background. ‘California girls’ brought to mind a beach with Perry all over Snoop, driving in her Barbie pink jeep or rather peering over the edge of the back seat with a nameless, faceless boy draping his head back in blowjob extacy. But all we, fans, got was a skewed Willy Wonka Candyland mix complete with donut/cupcake bras and Lady Gaga ‘swallowing’ rosary beads.

Read the MSN article that spurred this post, and a comment from directer Steven Klein:


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I’ll Sleep Later.

June 9, 2010 at 5:09 am (Uncategorized)

This is the earliest I’ve ever been bored.

I’ve given up on my MSN contact list as a way to find people to amuse me for just a few hours. Even the nearly-nightly rendevouz with a friend of mine was marred by the fact he was unable to write by himself. No not write as in his letters but write as in stories for the masses, or even himself for that matter. I was flattered when he called me a good writer, skills I don’t think I flex in my blog posts, but when I exercised a tip from my  4 years in a literary program – that all has to count for something – he took my concept and added it to his already component stuffed plot. Creative license. In that moment I wish it hadn’t existed. I signed off because of a feeling of lingering hopelessness.

The boyfriend hasn’t been much of a help either. He’s a rather dry talker when it comes to internet, the only thing we really have right now. I can hardly stand him and it aggravates me that I’m always aggravated at him. At times he’s been put in that category of ‘people I wish wouldn’t talk to me right now’. Why? Because when there’s a pause he announces his love or awkwardly types ‘so yeah’. Our hottest IM conversation? About his numerous job applications that have turned up like newtless rocks. It’s disappointing. It’s sad. It probably means he won’t come to Otakon this year. But make a plan and stick with it, don’t mope. I hate mopers. Now that I think about it, if we were to go to the OtakuRave, I feel like I would simply be holding his hand on the side trying to encourage him to dance.

Screw that. I’m not that girl. What made me think I was?


Now I’ve missed half of the ‘Cry Me A River’ remix featuring 50 Cent. No, it’s not a track release that you missed. Just a remix that someone kindly put up and I liked. I’ll have to settle for BoA’s cannibalism or fellacio-ism? Either way I’m bored. I have nothing to talk about except for this fact. Might as well start with Otakon since I haven’t updated anything about it in awhile.

It’s nearly a month away and what have I done? Not a damn thing. I haven’t dyed, sewed, or even furthered my plan. I crocheted a circle today though. I was having problems with my double crochet only circles curling in on themselves. After researching all of ten minutes I figured it was because of weird increases. So I watched Theresa on youtube again, gave up and while waiting for my bladder to say it was somewhat full so I could pee in this pathetic little cup I figured out that if I do two rounds of single crochet and then a double it laid relatively flat. Yay! Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out where my single crochet rounds began and ended. the circle I have now is the fifth try, with the yarn on it’s last life, that I did in the relative darkness – QVC whispering in the background about a 4 inch comfort and support system of a mattress topper.

Speaking of television shopping – just a quickie – my sexy camcorder came in the mail. It’s even more delicious looking in real life. Pictures soon.

So tomorrow if I don’t do anything I’ll probably crochet circles all day just to get that part over and done with. I don’t even know how many circles and how far to space them. I’ll crochet circles anyway and join them…just in case. If anything I’ll probably take that sheet and chalk out, if not cut out, the skirt shape. I’ve decided on one half skirt piece and one quarter skirt piece. That way the circles will fill in the spaces and give a naughty peek into my petticoat.

I’m dreading the petticoat. At least I have the supplies and their cute colours. I never realized how orange and blue complimented each other. And it didn’t even take me being a Bears fan. The petticoat will be fairly short seeing as how I only have 6.5 yards to work with. Silly me. No more money to spend. Not until I get my first paycheck. Then I have to pay my mom at least $40 for the camcorder she ordered for me.

As far as the top goes, I thought it would be weird to have a light blue ‘plaid’ top and a darker blue skirt bottom. It would look really hokie like a cowboy line dance costume – no offense. So I bought two yards of muslin, since when was 36″ muslin $1.99 Joann?, and a pack of Ocean Blue Dylon dye. So I might just make the top simple like a near standard Lolita cut-and-sew blouse. The plaid shirt may not be spared however. I may make it into the apron, which -will- make me back track but it’ll be fine. I’ll probably justadd a thin strip of the shirt as an underbust ornament.

Well that completes it. I’ve found an rp partner to keep me busy for a few more hours. G’night and don’t have too much fun.

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A Step Towards My Health

June 8, 2010 at 11:11 pm (Uncategorized)

 I went thrift store shopping with my mom today and I wasn’t interested in clothes this time. I found pretty bowls and very cute cups that will hopefully help me start my diet. I have a problem with portion control so hopefully by eating only one serving out of these smaller bowls will help me get a handle on it.

Also I’ve always been thrilled by the asian diet and way of eating so it’s off to Ebay or another online store in order to find soup spoons and hopefully a bento box in time for Otakon. ^.^

 From Left to Right:

2 Small cups – 6 oz. (?) – For teas, juices, milk, and coffees

4 bowls – (?) on size. – For serving, rice, and noodles

2 saucers – (?) on size. – For hot bowls/serving, fruit slices [ I would use it for sauces but they’re a bit too large for sauce dishes]

5 bowls – (?) on size. A size or two bigger than the 4 previous – For eating out of. They’re nice and shallow just right for decorative eating.

1 sherry/wine glass – (?) – For smoothies and water of course. [If my nonacoholic mom can buy a magarita glass and encourage me to buy a wine glass  then so be it]

Five bowls might be excessive but it’s a bit of a lazy decision, in case I don’t feel like washing dishes. I’m still looking to make a full set, nothing formal. Also their definitely not matching but I’m looking [google of course] for tutorials in painting ceramic. If and when I do i’m probably going to paint the 5 bowls white and help them match the smaller white bowls. I like the pattern too much to make them match the larger eating bowls.

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Thrift Store Splurging Deemed O.K?

June 8, 2010 at 10:15 pm (Uncategorized)

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova: $0.25; Furry blanket: $2.00; blue and orange plaid shirt: $2.25; brown ruffle skirt: $2.25; Weird distorted angel American Greetings cat: $1.00; W.B. Corset add from 1899: $1.50; Tokio LeSportSac purse: $4. These are some of my favorite thrift store finds. Each time I’ve gotten these things I’ve slurged. Why? Because it’s all right to splurge in a thrift store, at least I convince myself it is.

To be honest I think that, no I know that, what I spend in a thrift store is the same amount someone spends for a blouse at a department store or even in a discount clothing store. The only difference, I get a lot more stuff than they do. I get clothes that, albeit a bit worn, are in good condition and fit me well. It’s like what my brother once said, in jest, ‘ I’ve used it. It’s guaranteed to work!’ Or that old saying ‘one man’s trash is one man’s treasure’. In fact thrift stores may be the biggest form of recycling anyone could have come up with. It’s anonymous, which is 98% of the time a good thing when considering who could have worn that short short dress covered in dime sized bright blue sequins.

So with all that said I think it’s safe to say that I’d rather splurge in a thrift store then splurge in a craft store. Wait. It’s less of a guilty feeling. The price I paid is the lowest I’d ever pay anywhere while at the craft store, prices range from store to store, season to season, and from brand to brand. Besides there are some cool things to find at thrift stores. Houses are cleaned out every day and items are donate just about every hour the donation center is open. That and the money that is spent goes to a good cause. So why not splurge?

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A Night Out. Warning: Teenage Angst Inside

June 7, 2010 at 5:06 pm (Uncategorized)

I left the house for the first time last night – this morning. I didn’t tell anyone where I was going. It was rushed in a flurry of anger and depression. ‘Where are going this time of night?’ ‘Out.’ Was my only reply after I had doned an office shirt and my raggedy pair of flip flops. I grabbed my purse, because it contained my wallet and I wanted nothing more then a cigarette, and left without another word.

It was cold but I wasn’t freezing. The only thing that mattered was that I could breathe. It had become more than a little suffocating after confronting my mom about my college situation. ‘We shouldn’t be getting less money if you’re not contributing.’ A line I think hurt her. She spent several minutes up in the attic, ‘licking’ her wounds and talking to the neighbor after that. I didn’t care. She had hurt my feelings, my freedom, so it was only ‘fair’ for me to hurt hers. Besides she had stormed out before. Packed a bag and dressed my sister and drove to a place I still don’t know about. But she came back and she was better.

I came back and I was better.

I teared up a little, looking at the ‘For Sale’ on my grandmother’s front lawn. I walked in the middle of the road. I nearly hid from every car, thinking that they had hopped in their cars to look for me. I found the source of those disgusting black beetles that have found a home in our dining room. I sat on the porch for awhile before deciding that my throat felt bad from the harsh night air and I needed something to soothe it. A slurpee from 7-11.

On my way I ran into a visiting Samoan who had just come from the 24 hour convenience store. He was looking for an International calling card. I told him that there were three gas stations as well as Walgreens but Walgreens was closed. He walked me to 7-11 where I bought my slurpee, a lighter, and a pack of Newort 100s even though I swore to myself I wouldn’t. We walked up the road to each gas station and wouldn’t you know…BP was open. I couldn’t help but think that maybe the guy would screw us over – a common trait nowadays. He nearly did if it wasn’t for the Samoan’s examining eye. We ran into his sister soon after and she smiled at me as if I was some Lady of the Night. I sort of think that he thought the same even though I admitted to him that I had left the house on my own, angry as hell with several rhymes and reasons. He listened to them all and admitted that some were wrong of me to think but the others had some justification.

All of a sudden he wanted to ‘kick it’ with me. Being this ‘young’ and not knowing exactly what ‘kick it’ means is probably the worst mistake I could have ever made last night. That and letting him walk me home. I think I put too much trust in him but he didn’t seem creepy or stalkerish. He was nice and desperate to have a friend to hang out with while he was up here visiting. But I couldn’t help the train of thought as I got into the house. I was thinking of ways to not hang out with him tomorrow. I finally figured it out and placed a note on my screen door to tell him the truth. I was sick. Too sick to hang out. I am. I put myself a day back in my recovery.

But it’s worth it because my head is a lot clearer and I’ve somehow been enlightened. Once I sort out the thoughts I had I might post them. There was just too much for me to process into one little blog post.

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I Bought it Because of Big Eyes and Close-ups

June 6, 2010 at 9:45 pm (General) (, , , , , , , )

My New Baby: DXG Luxe Ultra-Thin HD Camcorder in Red

Thanks to my mother, and partly my dad, I’ve become a home shopping addict. But I really shouldn’t put the blame on them. Addiction shouldn’t be blamed on anyone but the user.

Now I don’t know how HSN works. I don’t know how QVC works. The bowel systems of these two mega television shopping networks are unknown to me. All I know is that if I want a good paying job I should probably apply to be a phone operator at HSN headquarters. Yes, that sounds like a good idea: work there to shop there. Another thing I know is that the presentations suck you in no matter what they’re selling: cakes, make up, clothes, cookware, jewelry etc etc. I could sit for hours in front of the TV and watch these men and women talk and talk and talk about a high quality item. In fact, the background music for this blog is a presentation of Eyetality: Total Eye Transformation: an eye cream.

On that note I bought a camcorder. It is a sweet camcorder and never in my life would I have thought I would buy one. Camcorders are for new moms and dads, taping their newborn or their toddler singing the vegetable song during their play. They are also for the people who were born a while ago. My dad, for instance, had a camcorder. It comes in a briefcase and weighs as much as my five year old sister. But this camcorder…this is the width of a dime. It has a quilted face and came in so many fashion colours I was pinned between red, black, purple, and white for five minutes. I finally picked red as seen as above.

Why? Because I was convinced with the 2GB SD card. The pretty rhinestones. The colour. The gold facings and the HD quality. It has touch screen and it will fit in my new purse. It won’t be back again and by the counter on the bottom of the screen it was going to be gone by midnight. That’s what the woman presenting assured me. The purple was already gone. I panicked and the size of her eyes only made me panic more. I needed to get it. God knows I can’t go on living my life with just a webcam to take mediocre pictures! I could take videos of college life and do dumb stuff and put it on youtube! I could hook it up to a 46″ screen -just- to witness the utter stupidity of it all. I could take cute pictures of myself, of my boyfriend, of my friends. Heck I think I’d buy a kitten or a puppy or a hamster just to capture the cuteness. It would also made a serious impression on those in the audience of the theater. They’ll look over at my super sweet and thin camcorder, sort of sounds like the opposite of a Dove commerical, and hide their clunky camcorder and ask if they could have a copy of my tape. Tape? What tape? I’ll e-mail the file to you. And don’t worry, you don’t need software.

I’m a sucker. So much of a sucker I might just get a french manicure to hold it like they showed in the close up.

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Getting My Spanks on Spanx

June 6, 2010 at 12:18 am (Uncategorized)

These aren’t your ordinary granny girdles

 It urks me. Turning on QVC or any channel at 4 am and seeing a size 3 prancing around in a pair of nude spandex spanx. I’m often wondering if she’s just going to work out in some weird 80s revamp athletic wear. I think this because there’s no possible way that she, a bouncing twenty-something, needs a pair of spanx. No way. She looks like she ran 10 miles that morning, came back and dined on some raw veggies, fruit, and guzzled down a bottle of vitamin water. She’s definitely not the middle-aged woman who looks at herself in the mirror and realizes that either her bust size is shrinking or it’s going south for the winter, rounding the hump that is Mt. Tummy. Her thighs, she thinks, look like someone shoved two pounds of cottage cheese inside of them and let her roll right out of her thirties without a surgeon’s warning.

And while most of the models in these commercials -are- that woman, and several different versions of her, there’s still that young girl bouncing around with boobs out to…nowhere. Why is she there? There’s no reason for her to be there, only to make thin girls feel bad for -not- wearing spanx at all. It confuses me and I will swear on Wanda Sykes’ Imma Be Me comedy show that I have nothing that bad to say against Spanx. Maybe it’s just me being me, jaded at the fact that this girl is older than me and has a younger body than I do. I’ve been chubby all my life, except when I was really young, and I should embrace the belly and the thick thighs. And sometimes I wonder if I should invest in a pair, just to try it out, see if I get any more looks from guys than I already do which is currently zero. But I always feel a sense of false advertising when I think about it.
Spanx: Slimming and Shaping. Like a tummy tuck and extra skin removal but temporary. Temporary, aka once you get in the bedroom with that man of yours the spanx will be revealed, off, and your body exposed. Or worse, exposing your true body to yourself after a hard girl’s night out, a tough day at work.
There’s no critic worse than yourself, not even that gossip girl in the cubicle down from you who’s critical about everyone’s outfit – because when it comes down to it she’s harder on herself than anyone around her. Why do you wear spanx, you might ask yourself as you discard them into the basket to be cleaned, who are you trying to fool and impress? Isn’t this a bit counterproductive if you’re supportive of Dove’s beauty campaign? How are you going to explain this to the possible Mister Right? ‘I wear these because they make me feel better about myself, like I can eat just one more chocolate and not fear the bulge for a couple more hours.’ Is this the price to pay for self-esteem? A tool that makes you conform to the popular image of the ‘It’ girl…whoever she is.
But who am I to judge? It makes millions of women happy everyday. It inspires self-esteem, self-conceptualization, self-worth in those who had trouble doing all those things in the past. It’s my fault if I let myself go and prance around for the world to see my rolls just because I’m pissed at some twenty-something who wears spanx for commercials and presentations and doesn’t know I exist.

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A Note About Five Year Olds

June 4, 2010 at 10:40 pm (Uncategorized)

They don’t listen. They -will- try to pet that stray cat just before their performance and they more than likely will get scratched. It doesn’t matter how many times -everyone- has told them that the cat might be ‘sick’ and ‘bad’. Now put some rubbing alcohol, disinfectant, and a parade of bandaids on it and drive two minutes to their school fifteen minutes before they have to be there.

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Mm, A Nice Cocktail for the Ill

June 4, 2010 at 10:28 pm (Uncategorized)

I’m on a roll today. It’s like I’ve been blogfully inspired.

But onto better things:

I’ve been wearing sunglasses. And not just because I’m in love with my large, beautiful, zebra print sunglasses I got from Rue 21 for just about $7. It’s all because I have pink eye in only one eye. It’s an unfortunate turn of events that occured yesterday once I thought I was finally getting over this pnuemonia.

And by the way, my mom believes I might fail the drug test if I take cough syrup. And my dad believes Matisse was a Baltimorian. Oh and my little sister believes that ants, outside of the box, are pets that need tiny leashes.

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