A Thought About a Household.

June 4, 2010 at 10:04 pm (Uncategorized)

For all those living with divorced parents that are less then kind to each other, you should know how this goes. The only except is that my parents are not divorced but no doubt separated. [I’m waiting for the day, when my smaller sister gets older, that they decide to officially and lawfully separate. Let’s hope.]

I was out with my dad and my little sister today, taking care of paperwork – he retired recently – and eating at a buffet to celebrate nothing really. We stopped at JoAnn’s, my sister and I, while he went to check out the tool store across the street. He finished before I did, mainly because he’s a direct shopper and I like to browse, and found me at the cutting counter sort of ticked that my mom had called saying that she was locked out the house. Normal people would have said ‘screw it, I’ll pick up these things later’ but my dad took his good old time trying to find the bathroom and I got my fabric cut and went browsing again.

It was a weird moment. Mom locked out of the house and no one seemingly to care all that much. But the real moment came when we got home only to find that my brother had let her in. She was angry. No not angry but not furious either. Just pissed. She complained as she went up and down through the house trying to find clothes for herself and my sister that apparently had a play that she was in.

“See, now you’re all tired. You should have been inside resting instead of travelling around in a car all day.”

All right mom. Next showing we’ll pick her up from school, put her in lounge clothes and leave her in the house alone to ‘relax’ in the midst of chemicals and chocking hazards. At least she’ll be rested then.

What else were we supposed to do? Can someone makes this clear to me?


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