I Bought it Because of Big Eyes and Close-ups

June 6, 2010 at 9:45 pm (General) (, , , , , , , )

My New Baby: DXG Luxe Ultra-Thin HD Camcorder in Red

Thanks to my mother, and partly my dad, I’ve become a home shopping addict. But I really shouldn’t put the blame on them. Addiction shouldn’t be blamed on anyone but the user.

Now I don’t know how HSN works. I don’t know how QVC works. The bowel systems of these two mega television shopping networks are unknown to me. All I know is that if I want a good paying job I should probably apply to be a phone operator at HSN headquarters. Yes, that sounds like a good idea: work there to shop there. Another thing I know is that the presentations suck you in no matter what they’re selling: cakes, make up, clothes, cookware, jewelry etc etc. I could sit for hours in front of the TV and watch these men and women talk and talk and talk about a high quality item. In fact, the background music for this blog is a presentation of Eyetality: Total Eye Transformation: an eye cream.

On that note I bought a camcorder. It is a sweet camcorder and never in my life would I have thought I would buy one. Camcorders are for new moms and dads, taping their newborn or their toddler singing the vegetable song during their play. They are also for the people who were born a while ago. My dad, for instance, had a camcorder. It comes in a briefcase and weighs as much as my five year old sister. But this camcorder…this is the width of a dime. It has a quilted face and came in so many fashion colours I was pinned between red, black, purple, and white for five minutes. I finally picked red as seen as above.

Why? Because I was convinced with the 2GB SD card. The pretty rhinestones. The colour. The gold facings and the HD quality. It has touch screen and it will fit in my new purse. It won’t be back again and by the counter on the bottom of the screen it was going to be gone by midnight. That’s what the woman presenting assured me. The purple was already gone. I panicked and the size of her eyes only made me panic more. I needed to get it. God knows I can’t go on living my life with just a webcam to take mediocre pictures! I could take videos of college life and do dumb stuff and put it on youtube! I could hook it up to a 46″ screen -just- to witness the utter stupidity of it all. I could take cute pictures of myself, of my boyfriend, of my friends. Heck I think I’d buy a kitten or a puppy or a hamster just to capture the cuteness. It would also made a serious impression on those in the audience of the theater. They’ll look over at my super sweet and thin camcorder, sort of sounds like the opposite of a Dove commerical, and hide their clunky camcorder and ask if they could have a copy of my tape. Tape? What tape? I’ll e-mail the file to you. And don’t worry, you don’t need software.

I’m a sucker. So much of a sucker I might just get a french manicure to hold it like they showed in the close up.


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