A Step Towards My Health

June 8, 2010 at 11:11 pm (Uncategorized)

 I went thrift store shopping with my mom today and I wasn’t interested in clothes this time. I found pretty bowls and very cute cups that will hopefully help me start my diet. I have a problem with portion control so hopefully by eating only one serving out of these smaller bowls will help me get a handle on it.

Also I’ve always been thrilled by the asian diet and way of eating so it’s off to Ebay or another online store in order to find soup spoons and hopefully a bento box in time for Otakon. ^.^

 From Left to Right:

2 Small cups – 6 oz. (?) – For teas, juices, milk, and coffees

4 bowls – (?) on size. – For serving, rice, and noodles

2 saucers – (?) on size. – For hot bowls/serving, fruit slices [ I would use it for sauces but they’re a bit too large for sauce dishes]

5 bowls – (?) on size. A size or two bigger than the 4 previous – For eating out of. They’re nice and shallow just right for decorative eating.

1 sherry/wine glass – (?) – For smoothies and water of course. [If my nonacoholic mom can buy a magarita glass and encourage me to buy a wine glass  then so be it]

Five bowls might be excessive but it’s a bit of a lazy decision, in case I don’t feel like washing dishes. I’m still looking to make a full set, nothing formal. Also their definitely not matching but I’m looking [google of course] for tutorials in painting ceramic. If and when I do i’m probably going to paint the 5 bowls white and help them match the smaller white bowls. I like the pattern too much to make them match the larger eating bowls.


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