Thrift Store Splurging Deemed O.K?

June 8, 2010 at 10:15 pm (Uncategorized)

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova: $0.25; Furry blanket: $2.00; blue and orange plaid shirt: $2.25; brown ruffle skirt: $2.25; Weird distorted angel American Greetings cat: $1.00; W.B. Corset add from 1899: $1.50; Tokio LeSportSac purse: $4. These are some of my favorite thrift store finds. Each time I’ve gotten these things I’ve slurged. Why? Because it’s all right to splurge in a thrift store, at least I convince myself it is.

To be honest I think that, no I know that, what I spend in a thrift store is the same amount someone spends for a blouse at a department store or even in a discount clothing store. The only difference, I get a lot more stuff than they do. I get clothes that, albeit a bit worn, are in good condition and fit me well. It’s like what my brother once said, in jest, ‘ I’ve used it. It’s guaranteed to work!’ Or that old saying ‘one man’s trash is one man’s treasure’. In fact thrift stores may be the biggest form of recycling anyone could have come up with. It’s anonymous, which is 98% of the time a good thing when considering who could have worn that short short dress covered in dime sized bright blue sequins.

So with all that said I think it’s safe to say that I’d rather splurge in a thrift store then splurge in a craft store. Wait. It’s less of a guilty feeling. The price I paid is the lowest I’d ever pay anywhere while at the craft store, prices range from store to store, season to season, and from brand to brand. Besides there are some cool things to find at thrift stores. Houses are cleaned out every day and items are donate just about every hour the donation center is open. That and the money that is spent goes to a good cause. So why not splurge?


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