I’ll Sleep Later.

June 9, 2010 at 5:09 am (Uncategorized)

This is the earliest I’ve ever been bored.

I’ve given up on my MSN contact list as a way to find people to amuse me for just a few hours. Even the nearly-nightly rendevouz with a friend of mine was marred by the fact he was unable to write by himself. No not write as in his letters but write as in stories for the masses, or even himself for that matter. I was flattered when he called me a good writer, skills I don’t think I flex in my blog posts, but when I exercised a tip from my  4 years in a literary program – that all has to count for something – he took my concept and added it to his already component stuffed plot. Creative license. In that moment I wish it hadn’t existed. I signed off because of a feeling of lingering hopelessness.

The boyfriend hasn’t been much of a help either. He’s a rather dry talker when it comes to internet, the only thing we really have right now. I can hardly stand him and it aggravates me that I’m always aggravated at him. At times he’s been put in that category of ‘people I wish wouldn’t talk to me right now’. Why? Because when there’s a pause he announces his love or awkwardly types ‘so yeah’. Our hottest IM conversation? About his numerous job applications that have turned up like newtless rocks. It’s disappointing. It’s sad. It probably means he won’t come to Otakon this year. But make a plan and stick with it, don’t mope. I hate mopers. Now that I think about it, if we were to go to the OtakuRave, I feel like I would simply be holding his hand on the side trying to encourage him to dance.

Screw that. I’m not that girl. What made me think I was?


Now I’ve missed half of the ‘Cry Me A River’ remix featuring 50 Cent. No, it’s not a track release that you missed. Just a remix that someone kindly put up and I liked. I’ll have to settle for BoA’s cannibalism or fellacio-ism? Either way I’m bored. I have nothing to talk about except for this fact. Might as well start with Otakon since I haven’t updated anything about it in awhile.

It’s nearly a month away and what have I done? Not a damn thing. I haven’t dyed, sewed, or even furthered my plan. I crocheted a circle today though. I was having problems with my double crochet only circles curling in on themselves. After researching all of ten minutes I figured it was because of weird increases. So I watched Theresa on youtube again, gave up and while waiting for my bladder to say it was somewhat full so I could pee in this pathetic little cup I figured out that if I do two rounds of single crochet and then a double it laid relatively flat. Yay! Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out where my single crochet rounds began and ended. the circle I have now is the fifth try, with the yarn on it’s last life, that I did in the relative darkness – QVC whispering in the background about a 4 inch comfort and support system of a mattress topper.

Speaking of television shopping – just a quickie – my sexy camcorder came in the mail. It’s even more delicious looking in real life. Pictures soon.

So tomorrow if I don’t do anything I’ll probably crochet circles all day just to get that part over and done with. I don’t even know how many circles and how far to space them. I’ll crochet circles anyway and join them…just in case. If anything I’ll probably take that sheet and chalk out, if not cut out, the skirt shape. I’ve decided on one half skirt piece and one quarter skirt piece. That way the circles will fill in the spaces and give a naughty peek into my petticoat.

I’m dreading the petticoat. At least I have the supplies and their cute colours. I never realized how orange and blue complimented each other. And it didn’t even take me being a Bears fan. The petticoat will be fairly short seeing as how I only have 6.5 yards to work with. Silly me. No more money to spend. Not until I get my first paycheck. Then I have to pay my mom at least $40 for the camcorder she ordered for me.

As far as the top goes, I thought it would be weird to have a light blue ‘plaid’ top and a darker blue skirt bottom. It would look really hokie like a cowboy line dance costume – no offense. So I bought two yards of muslin, since when was 36″ muslin $1.99 Joann?, and a pack of Ocean Blue Dylon dye. So I might just make the top simple like a near standard Lolita cut-and-sew blouse. The plaid shirt may not be spared however. I may make it into the apron, which -will- make me back track but it’ll be fine. I’ll probably justadd a thin strip of the shirt as an underbust ornament.

Well that completes it. I’ve found an rp partner to keep me busy for a few more hours. G’night and don’t have too much fun.


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