The Perry-Gaga conflict

June 10, 2010 at 5:25 pm (Uncategorized)

Disclaimer: My love for gaga is an undying fountain. Hence this post might be a bit biased.

You would think that in the heat of controversy over a video Katy Perry, in all her smirf hair glory, would defend fellow outrageous costumer Lady Gaga. But despite all the odds Perry has decided to put a knife between the two by twittering that ‘using blasphemy for entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke’. Personally I think fart jokes are funny.

What else is funny? The fact that Katy Perry decided to come out as Catholic and defender of religious symbols after everything is all said and done. Have we heard that Perry was ever a devout catholic or even religious for that matter? No. But what we do know is that Lady Gaga went to Catholic school for the bulk of her primary and secondary education. We also know that Ms. Gaga is the queen of abstract metaphors and that nothing is put in her videos ‘just ’cause’.

Or maybe Perry decided to jump on the Gaga-bashing wagon after she read some ‘valid’ points sent out by America’s Catholic League. [Another question to the ACL, where were they when the latex nun outfit first came out in the late 70s early 80s for porno purposes?]

All I know is that it’s a shame that Perry&Gaga fans are put in the middle of this fight. After all both stars are portraying Madonna – Perry squirting cream from her bra in the ‘California girls’ video and Gaga with a classic black cone bra – and they are both the most eccentric entertainers in Hollywood. Not to mention that they are all for the gay-community, though Katy Perry’s motives were and still are suspect. They both like sparkles, big hair, surrealist messages, and have been the subject of several controversial ‘E’ segments. But Gaga has portrayed herself as serious while Perry seems to just dance around playfully making songs that we hear only occasionally on the radio. As well as the fact that both of their videos for ‘Alejandro’ and ‘California girls’ turned out a lot different than I imagined.

I really saw ‘Alejandro’ as a hot and sexy video exploiting the romantic and sensual Tijiuana vibes. After all I swear I heard maracas in the background. ‘California girls’ brought to mind a beach with Perry all over Snoop, driving in her Barbie pink jeep or rather peering over the edge of the back seat with a nameless, faceless boy draping his head back in blowjob extacy. But all we, fans, got was a skewed Willy Wonka Candyland mix complete with donut/cupcake bras and Lady Gaga ‘swallowing’ rosary beads.

Read the MSN article that spurred this post, and a comment from directer Steven Klein:


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