Pressed for Words

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It’s a glorious morning in Maryland on a Tuesday in February. There is at least four inches of snow sitting on a sheet of frozen sleet [ice], the sun is shining, the war documentary my dad is watching is blaring, and I am five minutes away from being a whole hour late to work. It’s okay. I called.

It’s been awhile since I posted on my blog. It’s really rude of me, I know. Life has been throwing me curveballs and I’ve been trying to hit them out of the park as best as I can. But let’s not make this blog any more depressing than it really has to be. Also, let’s not make this as lengthy as it really could be. Instead I think a little adventure in pictures is the best way to go. Just beware: most of these pictures are of hair and trees.

I’ve come up with a long term project that will hopefully be completed by mid-summer 2011. It is experimental and meant to stretch the bounds of my creative techniques. There’s a story behind it but I doubt I have much time to explain it here. Another post maybe. The headdress is just the beginning.

However the project has been halted due to self-esteem issues [whatever happened to keeping this post positive?] and will resume once I have lost 20 to 40 pounds. So hopefully the project will be completed by summer 2012.

I’ve started into the art and world of bonsai. I will have 5┬átrees [ 3 junipers, 1 cotoneaster, and 1 satsuki azalea] by the end of this week. I went a bit overboard you might say but according to Chasnx his sensei said that a beginner should have at least 5 trees or else you might love your one tree to death. Which is what I have practically done to the tiny juniper in the pictures above. Poor Dudley. He really is the little tree that could. His story will be told later.

That’s just about it for now. I will update probably later tonight.


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