Life, Why Dost Thou Do This To Me?!

June 24, 2011 at 1:28 am (Updates) (, , , )

I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I don’t think you realize how sorry I really am.

See I distinctly remember telling you all, however many of you, that I would be updating later on that night. And I meant to. I really did but somehow when life throws you a banana peel, a blog you hardly kept up anyway falls by the way side.

So as with everything else going on at the moment, except for work of course, most of my major projects have been halted. Mainly because of renovations the house in which I live now looks like a hoarder’s special on Dr. Phil or Oprah. But maybe not as bad? At any rate the point is that the space I use for creating has become a space used for ‘temporary’ storage. And I have to say that I’m feeling a bit stopped up creativity wise. It’s like getting one of those head colds that just makes your head feel like an oversized, solid cast iron cannon ball. 

The good news?

I’m moving.

All the ideas that have been bursting from my ears will have a place to form themselves and become a reality, not just a thought I can hardly convey to other people. So tonight before I go to bed, I will try my best to explain [in a million words or less] where I am with my three major projects:

  1. Wool Redingote – Inspired by ‘The Duchess’
  2. Steam Warrior – An experiment in sewing technique
  3. The Kimono That Sank – Inspired by ‘Titanic’ and Jenny La Fleur’s costume.

I really need to get better names for these projects. ‘Steam Warrior’ sounds hokey to me,  ‘Wool Redingote’ seems too literal for my taste, and ‘The Kimono That Sank’ is foreboding if not some form of foreshadowing despite how ‘clever’ it is. To be completely honest, none of these projects will be getting off the ground any time within the next month or two if not more.

Planning to move is stressful and the closer it gets to my deadline the more stressed I become. It’s in times like these where my creativity really blossoms but in the wrong aspect of my life. Most days I wish I could work on my costumes but I know that I would get bored and plan my move some more just for a change of pace. And it would be enjoyable to finangle [my fancy way of saying ‘to figure out financially’] all the costs of movers, plane tickets, living spaces, etc. etc. The reverse is also very true. It’s worse now than it has ever been and I know it’s because I haven’t been able to really put my hands on anything other than a keyboard for the past few months.

Hm, now I have no excuse to feed you guys, other than the ‘my life is so incredibly boring it would dry my blog up like a dead tumbleweed’ line, as to why I haven’t/don’t update my blog as often as I should.

Story of my life.


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