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I reckon I should have done this a while ago but I didn’t realize that my inspiration repitoire was incomplete. It wasn’t until I heard the word ‘hero’ did I realize where my thoughts of romanticsm for this costume came from. But first is first:

The main bit that started this whole thing is Jenny LaFleur’s study of the Titanic kimono ensemble:

Then came the fabric that sparked a ‘revolution’:

Courtesy of

 Since I’m a corset junkie I checked out my book of corsets by Jill Salen and found I wasn’t too keen on any of the styles. Something to do about a bad experience with a ribbon corset? Anyways…all I knew is that I wanted to do something with elegance as well as a pattern that gave some wiggle room for me to practice my cording:

I wondered what pattern I would put on my sleeves and could only think of the crest toothpaste logo. I’m not sure what gave me the idea for Chinese luck clouds but that is what I ended up with.

At work I got the idea to look up ‘heirloom sewing’ on youtube for reasons I’m not sure. I came up with Sew Beautiful Magazine. This video specifically gave me the idea of ‘fabric windows’:

I then applied this idea to the sleeves and wondered how I would get the curly q’s inside of the clouds to show up. Of course my embroidery skills are not the best but my bead embroidery skills are pretty good. So beads it is.

And finally, the images my subconcious brought to my concious’ attention:

I love this movie for the way it was filmed and of course the costumes. The emotion in this movie is also great. A definite watch if you love Jet Li and/or have an affinity for Chinese action films. The way their garmets flutter in the wind, so sheer but yet wonderfully concealing. No pants for me though. I don’t think I’ll be flying and propelling myself off of trees in this costume. I mean I might. It’s a thought…


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