A quick stop and I’m back to sewing!

July 27, 2011 at 12:07 am (Uncategorized)

It has been decided that whoever has taken my basic sewing and drafting supplies has a personal vendetta they are too cowardly to talk  with me about. I brought home a confiscated ruler from work yesterday, covered in in green sharpie, and left it over night. This morning it was still there but by the time I got home – after a battle with my old car that left me shaking – it was gone. The usual suspect, a certain six year old, was ruled out since she and our dad had been out all day. I have a strong feeling about who it is and it makes me angry that they would stoop to such a low level just to get back at me.

Such is life, right?

But after work today I went to joanns and made a basic tool sweep. The best part was that everything on the notions wall was 50% off the original price. Happy as clam, I bought one of those curved rulers [for hip, armhole, and waist pattern adjustment] and an 18 inch quilting/sewing/crafting ruler. I bought two packs of needles – both for a dollar – and a pink [ugh] seamtress tape, also a dollar. 

Yippee! Now I can get sewing again!

Well by hand at least.


[I know I keep saying this but tutorials are due to be posted soon! They just a bit more editing.]

[[Also, I’m thinking about doing a video on sewing kit basics! So stay tuned!]]


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