Tonight’s Progress

November 8, 2011 at 2:22 am (Uncategorized)

I instantly got to work on another mock-up of the camisole as soon as I got home from work. If I didn’t I knew I would have put it off to tomorrow. So I fought with my brain and my sewing machine for about an hour and this is the result:

I tried to put it on but I realized that in all of my ‘precise’ haste I put the straps on a diagonal slant which means that one armhole is much smaller than the other. With the mock up half on, half off I deduced that the straps need to be placed correctly [duh], they also need to be longer, and the armhole needs to be lowered. It’s comfortable but it is very close to the joint.

The back, from what I can tell, is all right. The neckline is much higher, thank goodness, and therefore a lot more comfortable and modest. And this time I actually remembered to put in the button placket! Yay! Anyways. I’m tired and my eloquency is dying if not already dead.


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