November 12, 2011 at 11:01 pm (Uncategorized)

So I finally put my costuming hat on and sat down to have a real good, hard think about what the hell is going on with my camisole.

The armhole has been my biggest nemisis thus far and just about a half hour ago I was thinking about how I could go about morphing the 1900s camisole into a late 1800s chemisette as diagramed in Patterns of Fashion by the lovely Ms. Arnold. However, I took a look back at Jenny’s camisole to see the width of the cotton lace trim when I realized exactly where I had gone wrong.

All of this time I had been fighting, and practically just accepting, an armhole that wasn’t comfortable at all when all I had to do was fold the front piece edges down to shorten the side seam. By doing this I can deepen the back armscye!


My forgetfullness drives me crazy sometimes.

Good news is: I know exactly what sort of trim I need and I can finally move forward with this project. But not after I make another toile.


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