A Random Petticoat Tutorial

February 22, 2010 at 6:13 am (Dress Diaries, General costuming, Tutorials) (, , , , , , )

Between sorting out financial issues and assisting with the quickly upcoming production of RENT I hardly have time to work on my corset which is rather sad because i carry it around with me just in case I have a bit of downtime. No such luck since I’m in the boning or, in this case, cording stage.

My need to be creative caused me to start a paper tutorial in the small amount of downtime I had one evening. It was inspired by a Youtube tutorial by Himehood:

I was inspired because you know ruffles always make me think of petticoats. And as darling as they are they are a pain in the butt to make, especially if you like the layered and tiered look. I have to give my special thanks to Julie who taught me how to ruffle, or rather gather, fabric using cord and zigzag stitch on the machine. So without further ado this is my very simple petticoat with variations already thought up for you. Enjoy! ^.^

Petticoatslide1.jpg pts1 picture by ForbiddenRose15

Slide 1

petticoatslide2.jpg pts2 picture by ForbiddenRose15

Slide 2

Petticoatslide3.jpg pts3 picture by ForbiddenRose15

Slide 3

Petticoatslide4.jpg pts4 picture by ForbiddenRose15

Slide 4

Petticoatslide5.jpg pts5 picture by ForbiddenRose15

Slide 5

petticoatslide6.jpg pts6 picture by ForbiddenRose15

Slide 6 - Variations

Note: You’re probably why I’m so obsessed with the amount of warmth in this petticoat. It’s just the fact that I live up North and I have this thing about wearing shortish skirts during the winter. And just incase the nerves in my legs decide to detect cold again I don’t want my petticoat to be counterproductive. Same thing in the summer. It would be a tragedy to get stuck in a warm-as-all-get-out petticoat during July. So you might as well make two! ^.^

I know you want to!

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