Pressed for Words

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It’s a glorious morning in Maryland on a Tuesday in February. There is at least four inches of snow sitting on a sheet of frozen sleet [ice], the sun is shining, the war documentary my dad is watching is blaring, and I am five minutes away from being a whole hour late to work. It’s okay. I called.

It’s been awhile since I posted on my blog. It’s really rude of me, I know. Life has been throwing me curveballs and I’ve been trying to hit them out of the park as best as I can. But let’s not make this blog any more depressing than it really has to be. Also, let’s not make this as lengthy as it really could be. Instead I think a little adventure in pictures is the best way to go. Just beware: most of these pictures are of hair and trees.

I’ve come up with a long term project that will hopefully be completed by mid-summer 2011. It is experimental and meant to stretch the bounds of my creative techniques. There’s a story behind it but I doubt I have much time to explain it here. Another post maybe. The headdress is just the beginning.

However the project has been halted due to self-esteem issues [whatever happened to keeping this post positive?] and will resume once I have lost 20 to 40 pounds. So hopefully the project will be completed by summer 2012.

I’ve started into the art and world of bonsai. I will have 5 trees [ 3 junipers, 1 cotoneaster, and 1 satsuki azalea] by the end of this week. I went a bit overboard you might say but according to Chasnx his sensei said that a beginner should have at least 5 trees or else you might love your one tree to death. Which is what I have practically done to the tiny juniper in the pictures above. Poor Dudley. He really is the little tree that could. His story will be told later.

That’s just about it for now. I will update probably later tonight.


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‘Reach’ing for a Dreaded Candy Mudkip

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This blog has taken the longest time to start. Mainly because I’ve been mesmerized by the three squirrels running around each other on a certain spot on a tree in my backyard. I should really get to business since this post could get quite long. Thankfully there is enough Kylie Minogue songs on youtube to keep me in a bubbly, girly mood. To the categories I go!

Halo Reach

The latest installment of the Halo Series, Halo Reach, came out on the 3rd. If I had a 360 and money to buy it I would have preordered and stayed up for hours playing the new multiplayer with my brother and murmured ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at all the shiny weapons. I cannot wait to try out the new melee weapons and this rumored grenade launcher that shoots four sticky grenades at a time. Mmmm more intergalatic goodies to be murdered with during a good round of ‘Slayer’.

Dreads I don’t think I’ve ever been this obsessed with synthetic hair in my life. A month before spring semester was over I found the new Heavenly Hair forum,, and it’s been hair-hair-hair-hair ever since. The women on the site are so nice and brilliantly creative that I couldn’t help but feel my own creative core kick up a notch. Yes I still have a lot of projects to finish but I really need to make dreads of my own. Not want but need!

It’s gotten so bad that I’ve been inspired to type out at least twenty dread sets in Excel just to temporarily satisfy my idea factory and OCD. There are sets for every season, occasion, story character, theme, fashion genre, and even a football team [Insert shameless plug for the Baltimore Ravens here. Next season is going to be kick.ass.] It’s gotten way out of control, to the point where I look through old Pokemon cards of mine and automatically see a gijinka form complete with a set of installed dreads. >.<”

Speaking of Pokemon…

Well since I’m in Baltimore for the summer, turning down perhaps one of the best and worst and first job offers ever, I might as well save up some money and spend the $70+ on Otakon tickets as well as mangas, box sets etc. etc. in the Dealer’s Room inside. But you might ask: doesn’t attending an anime convention usually involve some sort of dressing up? Well no, not exactly. See there are plenty of people that go dressed in normal street clothes and then there are those who spend months of prep work to go as their favorite character. It’s a relatively good mix.

My costume started as realization that the turquoise hair sample [yes I was looking at hair for dreads when this happened] and the orange hair sample looked really good together. Orange…Turquoise…Mudkip! Several minutes of brainstorming and google imaging/lolita window shopping later I came up with this:

I’ve also made a bracelet already but I won’t post it until it’s a serious definite. The dreads will be a mix of solid turquoise, turquoise to orange transitionals and possibly triple transitionals: turquoise -> orange -> yellow. Nothing fancy or completely decked out in candycanes, stripes, or blends. I’m still contemplating if I want to make them out of kanekalon or wool roving which I spent the better part of the night looking up on ebay and etsy. At the moment I’m looking to just making a set of all black dreads so I can give my real hair a rest and give it a chance to grow. It’ll be all black because I’ll be starting an office job soon.

After watching a few make up tutorials on youtube i was inspired to do something a bit sweet. Introducing the beginnings of Candy Eye Makeup. Given it’s just the outline, I don’t own any bright eyeshadow colours at the moment. It’s just an idea. The coloured pencil line, made by dipping the tip into a very shallow pool of water, was really faint so I outlined it in white grease lipstick from walmart.


Jaded Candy Striper for Halloween?

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Creativity Out the Wazoo aka My Head

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Corset update: Postponed for now. I’ll continue when I find the time and the fabric stiffener I so desire. The reason? I think the corset would benefit from stiffened yarn, especially now that I realize that the blue yarn is rather tangled and old and coming out of it’s twist. That and the corset will be firmer and tuck in all my extra ‘bum rolls’ and ‘tiger stripes’.

Disco Bra update: I put in the elastic so that it reaches around me a lot better. I’m actually thinking of cutting away the side strapes and using really wide elastic I got from the shop and making it a snap on. But other than that I covered the cups of the blue bra with the shiny green fabric. I’m going to sew along the edges extra tight to secure it on. I did the blue bra first because it doesn’t need a lot of work to be done on it like the black and pink, which needed a piece of foam to extend the cup upwards.

Hairbow update: Pictures coming soon as well as it’s completion. 

[With a pending cash flow these projects will be completed, especially since the boyfriend and best friend are going away for a retreat this weekend and I’ll be able to get my butt to walmart without a problem. Oh the benefits of being left alone on campus for a weekend.]

Now for the featured presentation:

I’ve been dying to do something with my hair. Something crazy and relatively amazing. The most extreme I’ve gotten was putting in temporary hair falls in for Otakon 2008. I cut my bangs last semester, which reminds me that I need to trim them, and I’ve been perming it straight ever 3 to 6 weeks since I was 16. So I’m returning to my crazy roots and going with a mix of alternative hair styles. Aka my head will be full of loose hair extentions, synthetic dreads, beads, and possibly even some yarn falls. I started planning this a week or so ago over spring break when I showed a picture of Motoko, or ‘Major’, from the anime ‘Ghost in the Shell’ to my boyfriend. I told him I always wanted her hair and he asked ‘why not?’.  So instead of sitting here and trying to explain through words I’m just going to let you see my inspirations.


And all the lovely pictures at

P.S. Don’t get mad but I took apart my wig…O.O

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